Parish Hall and Resource Centre

This beautiful Parish Hall and Resource Centre was previously known as ‘St. Andrew’s School’, it was built and dedicated in January 1872. It has stood tall for 150 years. The congregation took up the task of restoring the structure and beautifying the interiors for the Glory of God. It was re-dedicated on Sunday, the 2 nd of October 2022.

The St. Andrew’s Girl’s School was started in January 1878, and was managed by an able Scottish lady Miss Millard. The reason for opening this school was the closing of the Wesleyan English Girls School being closed as a result of the building being converted to an orphanage for girls affected by the great famine. There is no information on when the St. Andrew’s Girls School was closed or renamed as the Parish Hall.

Before Independence, St. Andrew’s Kirk followed Scottish customs, such as western music, classical Scottish square dancing, Burns’ night, celebrating St. Andrew’s day and large gathering dining hall. After the 1950’s the hall was used extensively for various gatherings and church activities such as the Sunday school.

Over the years, this structure and the interiors deteriorated gradually and needed attention. The Pastorate Committee and the Congregation under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Dexter S. Maben decided to take up this task.

The Parish Hall was restored to suit today’s multipurpose needs of the growing congregation. The task of fortifying the structure and beautifying the exteriors and interiors to suit needs of the church and the congregation for years to come. The restored Parish Hall was dedicated on the 2nd of October 2022 for the glory of God.

The interiors present a gallery of photographs that showcase pieces of history around the year 1800’s of the church and its surroundings.

You can reach the Presbyter of St. Andrew’s Church for prayer.