Music Ministry

“speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord” Ephesians 5:19

The Music Ministry as the sub-committee of St. Andrew’s Church Pastorate Committee is a diverse ministry that enhances the Worship Service and promotes music to enhance the spiritual nurture of the church.

The objective of the Music Ministry is to enable members to grow spiritually by committing their time and talents to God. The Music Ministry provides a platform through which choirs and groups render hymns, church music, traditional and contemporary gospel including Praise and Worship for assigned church worship services and special services and concerts of the church.

The music ministry supports training for voice and instrumental practice and in identifying and encouraging new talent for the glory of God.

Various activities of the Music Ministry

  • The Church Choir
  • The Kannada Choir – Stuthi@StAndrew’s
  • SAME
  • SACO
  • Music School
  • Voice Training

The St. Andrews Church Choir, led by the Organist and Choir Director, Mr. Andrew Bhagyanathan is a vibrant group of people from all ages, who have come together through their common love for music and serving God through their talent. Every Sunday, the Church Choir leads the congregation in singing during worship and they meet every Friday evening to practice for the same. Over the years the Choir has built a vast repertoire and hosted many concerts for the people of Bangalore and the Choir has travelled to many cities to perform at various churches as well.

The Kannada Choir of our church, popularly known as Stuthi@StAndrew’s comprises of a dedicated group of singers and musicians who come together to sing regional and contemporary Kannada Songs of Praise and Worship. Stuthi@StAndrew’s is led by Directors Wg Cdr ID Soans, Mr. Ezekiel Kanavalli and Mr. Prathap Das. The wonderful Music brought to us by this Choir has reached far and wide through the videos and CDs that they have come out with which has been broadcasted over many Television Channels.

Stuthi@StAndrews, the Kannada Choir of St Andrews Church, comprising of all age groups. Its purpose is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ though songs in the language of the land, Kannada, regularly at the church and beyond.

The mission of Stuthi is:

  • Revive the old time favourites, which were being forgotten.
  • Bring out new compositions

Between 2010 and 2019, Stuthi has brought four DVD Albums. It has sung in various places in Bengaluru and beyond for churches and Christian Organisations for His glory. The songs of Stuthi are being broadcast regularly by Christian Channels like New Hope TV, Big J TV etc.

The Stuthi Videos are also viewed widely across the globe on

YouTube Channel – Stuthi StAndrews

Facebook page – Stuthi@Andrew’s

Since 2020 Stuthi has also partnered with the CLASSIC HYMNS Chennai, in online videos and the album ‘MUNNADESU” recorded at St. Andrews Church in 2022.

SAME is St. Andrew’s Men’s Ensemble, by a group of men supporting St Andrew’s Church Bangalore. The men are committed to singing Gospel songs in Harmony.

The group was started about Ten years back. At Present the Group is conducted by Mr. Godfrey A. Aiyadurai., the founding member of the team. The team consists of dedicated men from various walks of life. The Love of Christ and Gospel singing keeps the team together.

The Team very strongly believes that the Male voice singing was originally initiated by Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself. According to the Gospel of St. Mark Ch. 14: 26 and St. Mathew Ch. 26: 30 Jesus after the Last Supper sang a Hymn with His disciples before going to the Garden of Gethsemane. This is a Male voice Group initiated by our Lord Jesus Christ.

The group SAME regularly sings to the Glory of the Lord at the Home church and also has sung in other churches in Bangalore and out of Bangalore.

SAME is accompanied by Mr. Andrew Baghyanathan, a very eminent Pipe Organist, an accomplished Pianist and Choir director of the Church. Also by Mr. Noah Mark, Mr. Joshi Mark, Mr. Jervis and Mr. Aneesh Kotian.

The Group Meets for Practice on Saturday mornings. All men interested to sing are welcome. For More details Please contact Mr. Godfrey A. Aiyadurai or the Church office.

SACO is St. Andrew’s Chamber Orchestra. The idea of Andrew’s Chamber Orchestra sparked when a group of friends was practicing in the church parish hall just to keep up with practice. That small group comprising a few violinists, a pianist/saxophonist and a cellist would then participate in music-centred services in church. The naming of the group SACO (by Mr Godfrey AA) goes back to 2019. Thanks to the encouragement and participation of the choir director and organist Mr Andrew Bhagyanathan the group has performed on multiple occasions. Under the leadership of Mr. Peter (popularly known as Peter Appaji) many non-members have had the pleasure and privilege of playing with the orchestra. Performers young and old have been part of the special services organised by St. Andrew’s Church.

A few notes can make plenty of music. All praise and thanks to God for the opportunity to hear a homegrown strings orchestra that welcomes people with the music of Bach, Mozart and melodious hymns.

The Music School at St. Andrews was founded with the objective to offer music education to all who want to learn to play instruments such as the violin, keyboard and guitar. They have a dedicated faculty that sets time to take individual classes for the students that come from all ages. The students get to showcase what they’ve learnt in occasional concerts in church and also during Worship Services.

The Voice Training program of our church caters to children of our church and other members of neighbouring churches as well who have an interest in singing and want to hone their skills through special guidance in western classical music, where they can learn and exercise the right technique in singing. The voice training program also trains the students to appear for the Trinity Grade Exams for singing and have had many success stories of distinctions and merits.

You can reach the Presbyter of St. Andrew’s Church for prayer.