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Easter Sunday saw the Kid's shining eyes at the sight of Easter Eggs, which was captured and published in the "Times of India" newspaper on 5th of April.

VBS 2021

We teachers fruitfully used the lockdown time in meditating, studying and sharing The Book of Jeremiah. During the course of time, we realised how interesting it was! We had a feeling that God wanted us to share all our wisdom acquired during this time with the kids. Thus was born VBS 2021! We felt the study would be apt for the children to relate themselves to Jeremiah because he was young when God called him for ministry! Through the 5 days, kids learnt how Jeremiah surrenders to God's call and how he endures God's words faithfully. Applications to everyday life on the related topics were highlighted.

Theme for VBS 2021: Enduring the Word
Key Verse: Jeremiah 1:9 "Behold I have put my words in your mouth"

It was God's wisdom on each of us who were preparing the content for the 5-day VBS. The VBS started on the 14th of April and finished on the 18th of April. The timings were adjusted according to the kids and teachers convenience, ensuring that the screen-time was in check.

It would not have been possible without God's grace and the cooperation from the parents. Being online was a challenge; however the response from the children both young and old was a treat for us teachers, which motivated us to try out new things daily.

We were glad to present a Virtual Presentation of glimpses of VBS 2021 along with the background song, "Get it read" by Jana Alayra, sung by few of our teachers and kids, on Sunday the 25th of April, during the online Worship Service.

Thanking God for His Grace!
We thank our Presbyter, Rev. Dr. Dexter S. Maben for his prayers, support and encouragement. We thank the Pastorate Committee, the children, the parents, and St. Andrew's family, for their participation, prayers and support.

Thanking our VBS Teachers for their dedication and time: Mrs. Beverly Rozario, Miss Rachel Rozario, Mrs. Pushpa Lalitha, Miss Judith Daniel, Mrs. Mallika Jaswanth, Mrs. Rekha Arun, Miss Neha Soans and Mr. Ajith John.

Thanking our VBS Volunteers: Mr. Kenneth Franklyn, Mr. Nirag Soans, and Mr. Anish Kotian.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please continue to pray for our Sunday School Ministry, as we continue to reach out to the children online;
  • For our children struggling and confused with their academics and exams because of the pandemic;
  • For the grace to understand the children and stand by them in their

Mrs. Rashmi S. Mohan Raj
Sunday School Superintendent

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