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  Sunday School
Sunday School

Our Sunday School children took part in INTERSUN-2018, a Competition held at the United Theological College. There were 37 churches who took part in this Competition. The events ranged from various aspects of Biblical Praise and Knowledge to Modern Day use of Technology, in order to bring out the children's talents. Our children, teachers and parents had put in a lot of effort to prepare for this Competition.

We thank God for blessing the following children with prizes:
  Apoorva Walters: 2nd place in Elocution
  Ronak Watsa: 2nd place in Essay Writing
  Nathan Mohan Raj: 1st place in Storytelling

Please continue to remember our Sunday School Team in your prayers for the following events:
  - Games and Stalls at Harvest Festival
  - World Sunday School Day Worship Service in November
We thank you all for your continued support and prayers.

Rashmi Mohan Raj
Sunday School Superintendent


A few Insights by Prof. Dr. Paul C. Salins, Medical Director & Sr. Vice President Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Center & Narayana Hrudayalaya Multi Specialty Hospital

It is without hesitation that I say that my life is greatly enriched by four things, my love of great literature and poetry, the passion for music, the excitement I find in art, and the quest for God.

Literature, because from my armchair it lets me in good or bad health, clement or bad weather, enter the life of great minds, witness adventures of brave souls, explore exciting worlds and see wondrous things. I say "great literature" because when a book conveys much more than an easily forgotten story but inspires and enriches experience, to my mind that book is "great".

Music often is an organization of sounds that we like to hear, a tune that we love, or a powerful encounter with a sound world that somehow never grows old or too familiar, surprises and reinvents itself with each listening,and helps us glimpse the beauty, joy,wonder and peace of heaven transcending our commonness of life. Over the years' I have discovered it mostly in classical music. How our brain interprets music is a mystery, but there can be no doubt that as our taste is educated and refined by great music, even if it seems a struggle, our mind expands transmuting great music's fabric of ideas into a vocabulary for creative thought. Literature,because

Art is more than a picture; it is often the story of a struggle. I think of art as the visible landscape of thought. People often ask me what a work of art means. If it has failed find resonance in their minds it is of course just a picture. Some art may convey a narrative, but every art communicates thoughts; beautiful or ugly,good or bad, mirroring the human state the mood of the times. That is never boring!

Pursuit of God, is not really our doing, but of God. Faith, I believe is the greatest gift that man can possess that makes sense of our existence. I think this is the reason the greatest of literature, poetry, music and art found in the world is connected with God.

Cultivation in our youth, love of literature, music and art equips us with an educated creative eclectic intellect that can surmount any challenge with a degree of ease and command to which others are strangers. It prepares us to age undiminished in intellectual vigor, inspired and happy even as we reach the inevitable solitude of old age, and by our faith, ready for an unimaginably lovelier future.

The personal success of most people so far is the story of good education to acquire knowledge, thinking and technical skills. But the coming decade is set to change all that with the emergence of smart machines, robots and computing capability taking over many human tasks. Already computers are able to provide competent legal counsel and even the role of the medical profession will substantially change with new tools of diagnosis and robotic surgery. What would be most sought after in the future would be an eclectic intellectual capability able to bridge diverse specialties and skills. Steve Jobs said about the secret of his success creating amazing products marrying science and aesthetics " I worked very hard to find artists and musicians who also happened to be excellent computer scientists " Certainly developing sensitivity to culture; a taste for good literature, art and music is undoubtedly the best preparation for becoming an inventive, creative and highly adaptable individual able to confidently face the challenges of the future.

Top scientists are more artistic by Tyler Cowen on September 11, 2015 in Data Source, Music, Science, The Arts, - The average scientist is not statistically more likely than a member of the general public to have an artistic or crafty hobby. But members of the National Academy of Sciences and the Royal Society — elite societies of scientists, membership in which is based on professional accomplishments and discoveries — are 1.7 and 1.9 times more likely to have an artistic or crafty hobby than the average scientist is. And Nobel Prize winning scientists are 2.85 times more likely than the average scientist to have an artistic or crafty hobby.

Dr. Paul C. Salins
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