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  Sunday School
  Sunday School

1. Pray for Your Child’s Well Being
Even if your child is headed back to familiar territory, the new school year can bring all kinds of questions and concerns. There are new friends, new teachers and new anxieties.
Pray for your child’s happiness and stability to accept change.

2. Pray for Your Child’s Education
With every new school year, new curriculum and teaching styles await your child in the classroom.
Pray for an easy transition, focus and understanding.

3. Pray for Your Child’s Teacher
Teachers have one of the hardest and most important jobs. Your child’s teacher will play a pivotal role in your child’s life for this year and many years to come.
Pray for your child’s teacher’s patience, understanding and grace.

4. Pray for Your Child’s Classmates and Friends
What your child absorbs from the world outside of your home comes in a large part from your child’s classmates and friends.
Pray for their friendships, intentions and morals.

5. Pray for a Happy Household
As summer ends, chances are your home has a new schedule. There are early morning wake-up calls, long days of learning at school and extracurricular activities.
Pray for good communication, easy transitions, cooperation and sleep! During the school year, your time with your child may feel limited. Consider spending a few minutes each night reading the bible, a book or devotional with your child. This is the time that you will never have again, make the best of it!
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