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Hello there! We are a month away from the 12th month of the year. The number 12 bears great significance in God's Word, appearing 187 times in all. The 12 disciples, 12 baskets of leftover food, 12 spies and of course, the 12 tribes of Israel to name a few. Can you name the 12 tribes? Try this crossword now!

12 Tribes of Israel

1. Zilpah's 2nd son
3. Leah's 6th son
6. Leah's 5th son
10. Leah's 4th son
11. Bilhah's 2nd son
12. Leah's 3rd son

2. The youngest
4. The favorite
5. Zilpah's 1st son
7. Oldest son
8. Bilhah's 1st son
9. Leah's 2nd son

Correct answers with Bible references will be published in next month's Newsletter along with answer keys. Send your answers to the Church Whatsapp number 9741401874 by 25th of November 2021, in the following format:
Serial number - Answer

Did You Know?

The word used to describe the little wicker basket Moses' mom put him in, in the book of Exodus, 'Tebah' is the same Hebrew word for the ark that Noah built. It means floating vessel. Both were used to save a race of people but in totally different ways.

The first Sunday of November is celebrated as World Sunday School Day throughout the world. Did you know that Sunday Schools were originally literally Schools: they were places where poor children could learn to read? The Bible was the textbook used for learning to read. The Sunday School movement which began in Britain in the 1780s can be traced to the work of Robert Raikes (1736-1811). Stemming from this movement, the Indian Sunday School Union (ISSU) was formed in January 1876 in Allahabad, to educate poor children and promote Christian education and nurture through its curriculums and training programmes

Our Sunday School continues to be greatly benefitted by following the ISSU curriculum.

Scan here for the amazing history of ISSU

Scan QR code for interesting insights on the Sunday school movement. Both are highly recommended!

St Andrew's Day, celebrated on November 30 each year, is considered a national holiday in Scotland and across Europe. St. Andrew, the Apostle, was with Jesus on some very momentous occasions. He was a true missionary for Christ, preaching in Greece and Russia. St. Andrew died a martyr and was crucified on a saltire, or an "X" shaped cross, in Greece in 60 AD.

Scan QR code for an animated video on St. Andrew

Answer keys to October 2021 Quiz

1. Mark
2. Luke
3. Kings
4. Acts
5. Revelation
6. James
7. Ruth
8. Numbers
9. Job
10. Amos
15. Hebrews

The Quiz received enthusiastic participation.
Congratulations to the following members for acing it!

1. Shane Kevin Karkada 10. Samuel Dayananda Simeon
2. A. N. Indira Devi 11. Felicia Manoraj
3. Connie Gilbert 12. Michelle Joanna
4. Gabriella Tannishtha 13. Judy Jasmine
5. Gitanjali Lazarus 14. Reena Anoop
6. Amelia Bliss Devadatta 15. Karen Daniel
7. Merryl Natania Devadatta 16. Nathan Mohanraj
8. Apoorva Walters 17. Nikhil Ananda
9. Mercy Shakuntala Ratnakar 18. Amelia Ajith John
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