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Theme for the Month: Live Worthy of your Calling


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

God in His grace has blessed us with one more year. May this year bring all joy and happiness, peace and prosperity, health and strength, and make us remain faithful to God who fills us with all these blessings.

God, who is the Creator of the whole universe, was finding space in human history to bring his Son, the Prince of Peace. He, at the right time, found favour in His servants and fulfilled His promises. Promises were made through the prophets that we may understand God's way and purposes that we prepare ourselves to receive him.

God has achieved what he had planned for His creation. It is now our response to find him day after day in our daily life. He calls us, speaks to us through His Word, and empowers us through His Spirit so that we live worthy of our calling. He has given us the sacraments to remind ourselves of His sacrifice and the Hope that we continue to live with and to be nurtured in His body and blood, our spiritual food. Our social responsibility cannot be forgotten as we live in the midst of situation where justice and peace among people are upheld. This is where we continue to find space for the Prince of Peace. Our responsibility as responsible Citizens of the country also calls us to be involved in working towards the poor and needy, which also helps us to find Jesus who cared for such people during His earthly ministry. We are the followers of Him who calls us to follow Him daily.

God has filled with all His goodness in the creation. We are the beneficiaries of His goodness. What is that we can offer back to him? He has shown His kindness and forgiveness to the fallen humanity by sending the Prince of Peace to reconcile the world to Himself. What is that we do to live in the Prince of Peace? All that we need is to surrender ourselves to Him who made everything possible. May God give us the mind and the heart to surrender ourselves and continue to abide in Him.

God bless us all.

Rev. Jessie Ranjan
Presbyter's Message
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