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Theme for the Month: Journey with the Risen Lord


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Greetings to you in the precious name of our Risen Lord!

During the Lenten Season, we journeyed with our Lord Jesus, meditating on the theme 'Trailblazer on Trial', trying to understand the responses of different people who understood and misunderstood Him and His suffering. During the Holy Week, we learnt the 'religiosity' of the people at that time, and the 'spirituality' that Jesus taught. On Good Friday, we looked at the Cross of Calvary and the 'Death of Death' our Lord went through and meditated on 'The Seven Words' from the Cross, and in His Resurrection, we joined the Faith Community in celebrating the 'Joy of Salvation'.

In the birth of our Lord Jesus, God's love was born on earth; in His death, love suffered; and in His resurrection, love showed the power of God over death, bringing new life through Him, and we are partakers of that life. We are to experience the presence of our Risen Lord every day and be strengthened in our fearful, stressful, anxious and doubt-filled lives. Because He lives, we have no cause to fear.

As a Faith Community who experience the presence of our Risen Lord, we are called to go out and proclaim the 'Good News'; to tell people about our Risen Lord; to focus on people who are lonely, and in fear and despair; to show our solidarity with those who stand for justice and peace. We cannot remain silent spectators but must become active participants so that people experience new life in Christ, which He offers to all who come to Him.

It is my prayer that our Risen Lord will bless you in your journey, and that you would be His faithful witnesses.

Our Lord is Risen! He is Risen indeed!

Rev. Jessie Ranjan
Presbyter's Message
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