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Theme for the Month: People of God as Salt and Light


Dear St. Andrew's Family,

Greetings to you in the name of God Almighty!

According to the new Constitution, we have elected the members of the Pastorate Committee for the Triennium 2018-2021. The word 'Election' may sound very general and common, but for the Church and for the people of God, it is the appointment of God and prayerful choice of the people. God from time to time calls people to be in His Church to be used as His Instruments. This is not a power or a position, but a calling to strive for the Mission and Ministry with the administrative responsibilities.

St. Andrew's Church is unique in its focus on Ministry. We are a 'Congregation in God's Mission.' We focus on remaining in the discipleship as stewards, growing with transparency and accountability, nurturing one another as People of God as Salt and Light, dedicating ourselves as people set apart marked by the wounds of Christ, and honouring relationship in our families. As we engage ourselves, we realise that we are in a situation where there is so much advancement in the world and we are challenged to remain as God's People. In doing so, we respond to the Call of God saying 'yes' to the One who calls us and submit ourselves to Him who strengthens us in our service in and through the church. We have elected our leaders for this great task of doing God's will, to take everyone forward and it is also for us to remain united and to pray so that these our leaders are filled with the Spirit of God to carry on the Mission and Ministry of the church.

I, therefore urge you my brothers and sisters, to keep these members elected in your prayers.

Leaders who have taken the following responsibilities are:

1. Mr. Joshi Mark Premnath - Secretary

2. Mr. Neil George Anchan - Treasurer

3. Representatives to Diocesan Council: Mr. Stanley Lazarus
Mr. David Soans
Mrs. Connie Gilbert
Mrs. Rashmi S. Mohan Raj

Substitutes for the above members: Mr. Eric Paul
Mr. Neil George Anchan
Mrs. Sushma Annet Sadananda
Mr. Joshua Daniel

4. Representatives to Area Council : Secretary
Ms. Esthaleena Margaret
Ms. Vinisha Halli

Substitutes for the Area Council members: Mrs.Reena Anoop
Mr. Bennet Roshan Devadatta

5. Music Ministry: Mrs. Connie Gilbert

6. Men's Fellowship: Mr. David Soans

7. Women's Fellowship: Mrs. Sushma Annet Sadananda

8. Mission & Evangelism: Mr. Wilson Prathap

9. Property Committee: Mr. Stanley Lazarus

10. Communication,Newsletter,Pewslip,etc.: Office Bearers

11. St.Andrew's School: Mr. Eric Paul

12. Youth Fellowship: Ms. Alexandrina Namratha

13. Sunday School Superintendent: Mrs. Rashmi S. MohanRaj

14. Scholarship Committee: Mr. Vijay Palanna

15. Worship Committee (K): Mr. Eric Paul

Worship Committee (E): Mr. Erashmas Sumitra

It is my prayer that we continue to stand as God's People one with God, one with each otherand glorify God through ourwork in ourfamilies, church and society.

God bless us all

Rev. Jessie Ranjan
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