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Theme for the Month: Hope for the New Life


Dear friends and members of St. Andrew's Family,

Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!

We have entered into the Season of Lent, and we continue our journey with our Lord towards the Cross. Journey of Jesus towards the cross reminds us of his self- denial, suffering, and sacrifice. His journey made people around Him to call out 'Hosanna' (Save us Now). Through His death and resurrection, we are accepted as members of God's family. Cross also reminds us that it was the Death of Death, and we are into His Life in His Resurrection.

As we continue to focus our life and journey towards the Cross, the suggested theme for our meditation this month call us to be Persistent in Prayer - prayers for ourselves, our family, and for the world. We know the power of prayer, and we experience that power in our daily life. Prayer brings healing, strengthens our faith, and leads us to the stronger bond and fellowship with one another. It also calls us to care for one another. On the Cross, Jesus offered his life for the sins of all. He liberated us from all kinds of bondage and made us free. The experience of liberation moves the hearts of humans to worship God, the Liberator. True worship is to give God the glory for what we receive in our day to day life. Our life itself has to be offered as worship to God. Life in our family, work in our work place, and our entire life in the society have to be seen as worship to God, thereby we will be able to see and experience the New Vision of the Messianic Age. God touches us with His vision to understand and lead others towards the same. To be led towards the 'New Vision' is to stand for justice and peace. The broken world and the fragmented society are the reality now.

As we go forward, let us keep thinking within ourselves with these questions - How can we, as liberated people, stand with Christ and for Christ? What can we do to make others to have the New Vision in Christ?

May God bless us

Rev. Jessie Ranjan
Presbyter's Message
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