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Theme for the Month: Discipleship and Sharing


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who has called us to His discipleship, and has taught us all to share!

Let us praise and thank God for His wonderful presence and guidance during our Harvest Festival celebrations. I thank each and every member of St. Andrew's family for your active participation in the Worship Service, and for your generous contributions in kind and money, towards the ministry of the church. I sincerely thank you all for your prayers and support. Portion of the amount received is earmarked for Bethany Ashram in Channapatna. Once we are ready with the plan of action, we will inform you so that you could be part of the ministry to the senior citizens there, as we continue to be a caring and a serving community.

This month we look forward to one more important celebration - St. Andrew's Day! Andrew, the disciple of Jesus, though he was a very insignificant person, made big contribution in his journey as a disciple. He was always bringing others to Jesus - first, his own brother Peter, then the little boy with the five loaves and two fish, and the Greeks, who were seeking Jesus.

We are all familiar with the miracle Jesus performed - the Feeding of the Five Thousand. Andrew, finds a small boy with five loaves and two fish, and brings him to Jesus. Jesus blesses this food and 5000 people are fed! After all had partaken, the disciples gather twelve baskets-full of food which was left!

Like Andrew, we are called to bring others to our Lord, share what we have, and in turn lead others to share. Today's world has become very selfish. There are people who have so much, but do not want to share with those who have not. We, as His disciples are called to share just as this little boy did, and in our Lord's hand it can become a blessing to many. May God help us to grow in the 'Discipleship of Sharing'.

Themes given for this month in the CSI Almanac are also special. We are reminded to meditate on two aspects of children - the 1st Sunday as the World Sunday School Day, and the 3rd Sunday, set apart for the Girl Child. For want of time on the 1st Sunday, and in order to give sufficient time for the children to participate, we will be celebrating Children's Sunday on the 12th of November during the English Worship Service, as this will also be close to the Children's Day celebrations of our Nation. Sunday the 19th is dedicated to the Girl Child. The theme for Unity Sunday has been shifted to the 1st Sunday, the 5th of November. Kindly note the change.

St. Andrew's Day will be celebrated as usual on the 4 Sunday, the 26 of November, 2017 at a Joint Worship Service, which will also be a Holy Communion Service.

May God bless us all

Rev. Jessie Ranjan
Presbyter's Message
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