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Theme for the Month: Cross - Wholeness of Life


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus,

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour!

Our celebration time of the birth of Jesus takes us very soon to the meditation of His suffering and death on the Cross of Calvary and to His resurrection. With Ash Wednesday, we move forward to the journey of our Lord, and we as His disciples, participate in His journey. Our meditations must take us to experience the journey of suffering and death of our Lord. Otherwise, the observation of 'Lent' remains a ritual.

It is the time for us to remember that we are the fallen human beings, and because of our fallen state, the whole creation also suffers and groans for redemption. We have lost our relationship with God, with our fellow human beings and the whole creation, and that has led to the chaos everywhere. But, our God of grace fills us with His love and calls us to be united to Him, to our fellow human beings, and to His Creation. In this process, our God who is the Healer calls us also to enjoy the blessing of His healing. Healing is not just physical but is wholeness of body, soul, and mind.

We are also called to be partners with God in the Healing Ministry in whatever way possible. So much of pain is caused due to our strained and wounded relationship with others, and there is division seen everywhere. Reconciliation is needed among us all. Dalits and the marginalised are kept outside our boundaries which also needs healing, and we need to touch the lives of the untouchables. We all have to come under the grace of God to experience the change in our lives. When the church moves forward in the journey of the Cross with our Lord Jesus, it should also with faith, join the network which engages itself in the life-saving work of our Lord. Our faith journey is with Christ, and in Christ we go forward day by day.

May this season of Lent bring us to the understanding of our calling, and transform us to be Christ's real disciples to bring in the change within us and around us.

God bless us all.

Rev. Jessie Ranjan
Presbyter's Message
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