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  Pastorate Committee & Diocesan Council members

Pastorate Committee for the Triennium 2018 - 2021

1. Mr. Joshi Mark Premnath - Secretary

2. Mr. Neil George Anchan - Treasurer

3. Representatives to Diocesan Council: Mr. Stanley Lazarus
Mr. David Soans
Mrs. Connie Gilbert
Mrs. Rashmi S. Mohan Raj

Substitutes for the above members: Mr. Eric Paul
Mr. Neil George Anchan
Mrs. Sushma Annet Sadananda
Mr. Joshua Daniel

4. Representatives to Area Council : Secretary
Ms. Esthaleena Margaret
Ms. Vinisha Halli

Substitutes for the Area Council members: Mrs.Reena Anoop
Mr. Bennet Roshan Devadatta

5. Music Ministry: Mrs. Connie Gilbert

6. Men's Fellowship: Mr. David Soans

7. Women's Fellowship: Mrs. Sushma Annet Sadananda

8. Mission & Evangelism: Mr. Wilson Prathap

9. Property Committee: Mr. Stanley Lazarus

10. Communication,Newsletter,Pewslip,etc.: Office Bearers

11. St.Andrew's School: Mr. Eric Paul

12. Youth Fellowship: Ms. Alexandrina Namratha

13. Sunday School Superintendent: Mrs. Rashmi S. MohanRaj

14. Scholarship Committee: Mr. Vijay Palanna

15. Worship Committee (K): Mr. Eric Paul

Worship Committee (E): Mr. Erashmas Sumitra

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