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This year our Church obverses the month of September as “Mission and Evangelism” month. Our Pastorate Committee and the Mission and Evangelism Committee have decided to set aside the whole month of September to concentrate on this important aspect of the Church’s ministry: To realize our responsibility as a church, to motivate ourselves and together as a congregation fully to be involved in this task.

The word “Mission” means “Sending”: it also means “errand”, or rather, both things combined: a task someone entrusts to another person to fulfill in his name.

This reminds us of the great mission Jesus entrusted his apostles with, and through them, all Christians.

“Go out to the whole world:

proclaim the Good News to all nations.” Mk 16:16.

Let us bear in mind  that this task of proclaiming the Good News concerns everyone in the Church and we should take part in it with joy. The gift of faith in Christ brings along the obligation of sharing it with everyone around us. Jesus repeats to everyone the command given to the apostles: “Proclaim the Good News”, the full meaning of it being: “Proclaim the Good News, proclaim it to all, proclaim it at all times.”

We are called as a missionary community. We believe in Jesus and his Gospel; our faith is empty if it is not missionary. The Church cannot exist and grow without being missionary. Our community can be called Christian only as far as it is missionary in attitude and thinking.  In the first place our community must be the bearer of salvation, the sign of hope and salvation for others. The church of Christ can exist only as a missionary community.


We have a specific mission of sharing the Gospel of Christ in our country. We have to present Jesus as light and hope for all. Our mission is not mainly to vindicate whether non-Christians will go to heaven or hell, rather we have to make our earth a heaven by shedding the radiance of Jesus’ love in the work and deed. Above all, our life must be Gospel lived.

I urge each one of you to be partakers in fulfilling the Mission of our Lord and let us whole-heartedly extend our support and co-operation with joy and commitment.

May God bless you all.

Mission and Evangelism committee

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