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  Happenings during the Month of December 2017

Mrs. Alix Selestina Devadatta (aged 87 years)
Mother of Mrs. Dorothy Devadatta
Passed away on 25th December 2017

The month that was.

Carol Rounds - 2017

One Cold and Blessed Winter

In ancient Bethlehem,

A Child was born to save us;

Sing "Hallelujah, Amen."

Our Church Carollers from little ones, and young to the old folks merrily experienced the 'Cold and Blessed Winter' of Bangalore, as they shared the joy of Christ's birth with the members of St. Andrew's family. Though we had to brave the cold outside, we enjoyed the warmth of fellowship in the homes of more than 350 members. God gave us the strength and health to visit as scheduled in two groups, the length and breadth of the city where our members reside.

A special word of gratitude to all the Area Leaders who had taken time off to plan and guide the Carollers to the homes under their responsibility; to the budding musicians for their enthusiastic participation along with the youth and elders for making that 'joyful noise' as the Psalmist would say! To our Presbyter and to those who provided assistance on all the days, for their support and guidance; to the drivers of the buses who found a way where there was no road, and for effortlessly taking us through the alleys where even two wheelers would hesitate; and to all the members for receiving us with love, providing us eatables and dinner whatever be the time: a big 'God Bless' and thank you!

A contribution of Rupees 8.30 lacs has been received from the members as a measure of immense faith in the New-born King. Glory be to God.

Aagali Jagadali navodaya navodaya

Franklyn James

Christmas at St. Andrew's School, Siddapura

Celebration of Christmas at St. Andrew's School this year was a special one - it brought alive the birth of our Lord Jesus again into our midst! The carols, the dance and the acting were a memorable one for each and every person present there. The children got blankets as the Christmas Gift with cake and refreshments.

'Memory Verse Competition' was also conducted in each Class. We were very proud to witness these children reciting ten verses from the Bible. Children who secured the first, second and third places were given gifts too!

Thank you for your continued support in educating these children to the Glory of God.

Neil Anchan

Sunday School: a brief report

The month of December was filled with excitement as children awaited results of their Sunday School Exam conducted on the 19th of November 2017, on lessons learnt during this year. Practices for the Annual Christmas Program got the children to showcase their talent and building up their confidence right from a tender age of 3 years!

The Annual Christmas Program was held on the 17th of December. The Program was filled with excellent performance by the children trained by their teachers in singing, instrumental, choreography, dancing, shadow play, acapella and skits. After the Program, the children were treated with delicious snacks and gifts. It was indeed a very enjoyable evening!

The Sunday School will reopen on the 14th of January, 2018 after the Christmas holidays. We would like to encourage the children who have not been attending Sunday School to join and be blessed.

Sushma Sadananda

Social Outreach - Clothing Donations

It started as a 'Clothing Donation' initiative from Men's Fellowship, but very soon got adopted by the whole church by the motivation provided by our Presbyter. Every family came forward to support the initiative where we provided new clothing for Christmas to the children in the orphanages run by Calvary Chapel Trust at Bangalore.

Calvary Chapel Trust takes care of the children neglected by the society; children who are infected with HIV/AIDS are given special care and a community. A small group from our church along with our Presbyter visited the orphanage on Friday, December 22, and spent the evening with the children and handed over the clothing to them - which uplifted the spirits of these children and brought cheer as they were preparing towards Christmas festivities.

With the overwhelming contributions that we received for this cause, we also could additionally order blankets to be given to these children. Apart from that, we also could provide 150 blankets to the Gerizim Trust where they take care of the physically challenged and differently abled children.

The overall initiative was an opportunity through which St. Andrew's family could share God's Love to the needy in our society. Thank you.

Men's Fellowship

Youth Fellowship - Christmas Play
East Wise, West Bound

It was a cold winter's night when hundreds traveled back in time to meet baby Jesus. The warm reception to the youth play was thunderous applause for a story that showed a time traveling cowboy hired to bring back baby Jesus to the present age. The motives of the characters in this mission drew parallels to the different motives people have for keeping God in their lives. Painted with comical overtones, unusual flow of dialogue and outlandish scene premises, the play took the audience on a surreal journey where they met a staggering and stuttering William Shakespeare, an unfortunate damsel in distress who sparks a love interest, an Egyptian queen and of course the little Saviour. The unknowing time traveling cowboy learns the value of Christ and despite his wariness also learns the double crossing nature of humankind. The moral of the play teaches us that pulling baby Jesus out of the manger only sets off events that brings us back the present day where there is no compassion in this world. The lack of love, the meaningless world and the non-existence of purpose gives way to realization and once more it's the time traveling cowboy to the rescue, who sets things right by restoring baby Jesus in His time and brings us once again to the present Christmas of 2017. One last look of the cowboy riding off into the sunset brings us to the end of the play leaving us to make our future with Christ in our hearts.

Thanks to our Presbyter and the Pastorate Committee for making this journey possible.

Until next Christmas.

Jervis Deuel Arthur

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