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  Happenings during the month of March to September 2020

Raphael R. Talathoti

son of Mr. T. Rohan Joseph & Mrs. Ashwitha J. Shelomith
on the 16th August 2020.


Ms. J. Jeen Magdalene

daughter of Mr. & Mrs. M. Jeeva Peter

Mr. M. Sunil Dhas

son of Late Maria Scosai & Mrs. Paul Thangam
on the 06th July 2020.

Dr. Abhishek S. Bhasme

son of Mr. Stanley B. Bhasme & Mrs. Shobha Bhasme

Dr. Raechel Sanjana Hans

daughter of Dr. V. Basil Hans & Prof. Anet Florence Hans
on the 11th of September 2020.


Mr. & Mrs. Solomon Yeshaya

Mr. & Mrs. Anga Joseph Keerthi Prakash

Mr. Martin Y. Sadamal & Family

Ms. Sunitha

Mr. Noel Prashanth Bangera

Mrs. Shanthi Herbert & Family

Mr. Mahil Kiran & Family


Mrs. Maria Singh

(aged 81 years)
Mother of Mr. Raviraj Mohan, Mr. Victor Jaswanth &
Mrs. Margaret Sujaya Bentick
Slept in the Lord on March 28th 2020.

Mr. Chetan Abhinendra Kumar

(aged 63 years)
Husband of Mrs. Lucy Kumar, Father of Ms. Agnes Apoorva
& Ms. Amulya Florence
Slept in the Lord on April 9th 2020

Mrs. Shanthi Herbert

(aged 64 years)
Mother of Mr. Christopher Herbert, Mr. Susinder Herbert,
Ms.Sheela Judy. H & Mrs. Hilda Josephine.
Slept in the Lord on April 28th 2020

Mrs. Bhagyam. N

(aged 87 years),
Wife of Late Patrick Anthony. M, Mother of Mrs. Catherine
Anitha & Mr. Alfred Sudhir Kumar,
Slept in the Lord on July 5th 2020

Mr. Henry F. S Knight

(aged 83 years)
Husband of Mrs. Pramuda Knight, Father of Dr. Ravi Kiran
Knight and Ms. Nayana Tara Knight
Slept in the Lord on July 30th 2020

Mr. Neil Octavious Salins

(aged 60 years)
Husband of Mrs. Ruth Monica Salins
Father of Ms.Seraphina Salins and Ms.Sharon Lisa Salins
Slept in the Lord on August 4th 2020

Mrs. Yvonne Veenakumari Kotian

(aged 65 years)
Wife of Mr. Bhaskara Sujaya Kumar
Mother of Mr. Stephen Pradeep Kotian
Slept in the Lord on 14th August 2020

Ms. Geetha Vani Devadasen

(aged 74 years)
Sister of Ms. Sudha Devadasen, Mrs. Kantha Pallat &
Mrs.Sheela Chandrashekar
Slept in the Lord on 2nd September 2020

Mrs. Penin Meera Ben

(aged 82 years)
Wife of Late Abraham Kotian, Mother of Mr. Richard Charles
Mr. Henry James & Mr. Emmanuel Franklin
Slept in the Lord on 06.09.2020

Mr. Augustine L. Maben

(aged 76 years)
Husband of Mrs. Dorothy Maben
Slept in the Lord on 7th September 2020

Mr. Andrew Michael

(aged 50 years)
Son of Late Mr. Abraham Kotian and Late Mrs. Penin Meera Ben
Brother of Mr. Richard Charles, Mr. Henry James
Mr.Emmanuel Franklin
Slept in the Lord on 27.09.2020

Presenting Reports of Activities by the Wings and Ministries of our Church

We thank God for helping us continue our Worship Services, even during this time of uncertainty and lockdown. This is probably the first time in the history of the church that the church has been kept closed on Sundays. Nevertheless, our online Worship Services in both Kannada and English published through YouTube has been reaching our congregation members and many more, every Sunday morning. We especially thank our Presbyter, Rev. Dr. Dexter S. Maben, for upholding the congregation even during this time of crisis through the beautiful online Worship Services. When the lockdown was lifted, we got to worship inside the church for three weeks in June, and with support from Office Staff and members of the Men's Fellowship, we were able to conduct the Worship Services along with the online Services. The church was sanitized and prepared before and after the service. Members attending the Worship Service were screened and ushered into the church with seats marked ensuring social distancing.

Our Presbyter introduced the Tuesday Prayer Fellowship online, which reaches every home. Meditation Prayer Audio along with Prayer Requests and a PDF document on format to follow, is shared with the Care Group Leaders, which reaches every congregation member. We thank the Worship Committee Members, Office Bearers and the Creative Team who work closely with our Presbyter to develop these new media content to ensure that we are spiritually nourished even during this time.

Please pray that we will be able to worship again inside the church as a congregation in God's Mission.

Mr. Erashmas Sumitra
Convener, Worship Committee

(Formerly Scholarship Committee)
Activities during the Year, 2020

1. Interactive Session on handling Board Examinations successfully, and for the students appearing for std. 10th and 12th Board Examinations, was conducted on March 1st. The resource person for the session was Mrs. Nalini Lawrence, Educationist, former Vice Principal of Clarence High School, and our congregation member. The Session included tips on stress management, exam preparation, effective ways of answering questions etc. The Session was well appreciated by all the participants

2. Online Interactive Session on 'Impact and Coping with Corona Virus Pandemic st in the Corporate World' was carried out on May 1 . Resource person for the session was Ms. Shirin Salis, Vice President of Human Resources at Trane Technologies India and our congregation member. The Session included very useful and practical tips and perspectives on managing Impact of Corona virus pandemic for the corporate professionals of our congregation. The Session was well appreciated by the participants

3. Online Interactive Session on 'Living with Covid 19 - the New Normal' was carried out on July 4th . The resource person for the Session was Dr. Paul Salins, MD and VP of Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Centre and Narayana Hrudayalaya Multi Specialty Hospital. The Session included expert perspectives, tips and guidelines for safely managing Covid 19 Pandemic. The Session was well appreciated by the participants

4. General Scholarships for the year 2020-21 were distributed to 15 children of our congregation members, and 5 children of our church staff. Total Scholarship amount was Rs. 2.11 lakhs

5. Interactive Session on 'Emerging New Trends in Education - the New Way Forward' was carried out on August 29th . The Resource Person for the Session was Mrs. Nalini Lawrence, Educationist, former Vice Principal of Clarence High School and our congregation member. The Session covered various emerging trends such as NEP and online classes

Mr. Vijay Palanna
Convener, EPNC


The Lockdown started from 25th of March 2020 after a total closure on 22 March. It was our good fortune that our Presbyter, Rev. Dexter S. Maben, along with the Pastorate Committee, decided to introduce the Online Worship Services, with virtual Prayers and Sermons by our Presbyter and Guest Speakers, and singing of Hymns with music conducted by our Choir Director, Mr. Andrew Bhagyanathan.

During these Worship Services, various groups from our Music Ministry contributed by video assembling and presenting for the first time, an attempt of Virtual Choir through online as below:

12th April 2020, The English Choir, presented "The Strife is over"

17th May 2020, SAME had dedicated a song for Late. Mr. Chetan Abhindra Kumar, titled "Standup, Standup for Jesus

24th May 2020, we witnessed, Stuthi@Andrews, our Kannada Choir, perform "Neeli Akasha" in tribute to, Late Mr. Chetan Abhindra Kumar

31st May 2020, the Youth of our Church, presented the Praise and Worship Song at the start of the Worship Service. The same day, SACCO (St. Andrew's Church Chamber Orchestra) the instrumental assembly, presented "Just a closer walk with Thee",

3rd June 2020, under the guidance of Mr. Andrew Bhagyanathan, performed for "The Global Concert of Hope-2020" 0n You-Tube.

12th July 2020, during the English Worship Service, our church celebrated the Theological Education Sunday; the students from the United Theological College (UTC), Bangalore, presented a virtual Song "Be Thou my Vision". Our English choir also presented a virtual anthem "Oh, had I Jubal's Lyre".

19th July 2020, SAME (St. Andrew's Men's Ensemble), performed virtually the Song "Savior Lead me", during the English Worship Service.

26th July 2020, during the English Worship Service, St. Andrew's Church Sunday School children, presented virtually, "In Christ alone my hope is found".

2nd August 2020, during the Joint Worship Service, Stuthi@Andrew's presented an earlier recorded Song in Kannada, "Deverige Meesalaada".

9th August 2020, during the Kannada Worship Service, Stuthi@Andrews and 11 the Children, presented through virtual singing the Kannada Song, "Aidu Beralu Seri Ondu Mushtiyu", in honor of the Independence Day Celebration. 16th August 2020, SAME, performed virtually the Song "Peace be Still" during the English Worship Service. Our Presbyter, Rev. Dr. Dexter S. Maben, also took part in the singing.

23rd August 2020, it was a great honor for our church and Stuthi@Andrews' to sing Mahatma Gandhiji's Favourite Hymn "Lead Kindly Light" in Kannada, along with 24 Choirs from each State of our Country. The virtual singing was presented on this day during both the Worship Services.

6th September 2020, our church resumed the Worship Services, and the same was telecast live through YouTube. Stuthi@Andrews presented one of its earlier recorded Kannada Songs, "Pritiya Souderige".

13th September 2020, happened to be Women's Sunday, and they presented virtually the Kannada Song, "Paraloka Tandeye", during both the Worship Services. 20th September 2020, being "Care for the Elderly", a virtual group Song "Hakki Maradali Hadutirute" was sung by some of our elders. SAME also performed virtually the Song, "Peace be Still" during the English Worship Service.

27th September 2020, during the Kannada Service, Stuthi@Andrews, presented a live performance of the Song, "Aradhane, Aradhane". During the English Worship Service, St. Andrew's Church Sunday School children, presented virtually the Song titled, "I am the Church"

Mrs. Connie Gilbert
Convener, Music Ministry


Young Couple's Fellowship was started with an intention to bring couples together to live a Christ-centered life and work to build a family that reflects God's love through them. Throughout the Pandemic, the young couples enjoyed the Session online, and were able to give each other more time during this Quarantine and exercise the activities and share a closer bond with the fellow YCF members too. Our resource team put in a great effort to keep the online interactions fun and interesting as possible. As we move into a new Session starting from October, we are looking forward to growing as Young Couple's Fellowship hosted by Andrew's Church, and welcome couples from various other denominations and of course, our arms are wide open in adding the newest couples who embark on their new journey of wedded bliss in the coming months at Andrews, to start a new chapter in fellowship with us.

Mrs. Alexandrina Namratha Kotian
Convener, Young Couples Fellowship


'Care for the Elderly' - is a care giving ministry and also a mission ministry, true to the word in 1 Peter 5:2, "Be shepherds of God's flock that is under your care, watching over them".

The Key Focus Areas are:

  • Fellowships and Prayer Groups
  • Health awareness Programs
  • Care Home for St, Andrew's
  • Adoption of New Mission Field
  • Social Outreach

The primary fellowship of the CFE has been the monthly 'Happy Hour Fellowship', where elderly members get together for fellowship and learn different aspects of life, etc. We have done Sessions on Spiritual Health, Financial Planning, Fitness and Diet, Technology and much more.

We usually meet on the 1st Thursday every month.

The Pandemic restrictions on Meetings, made us to answer the toughest question whether we should postpone the Fellowship, but the support and the encouragement from the members, pushed us to start Virtual Sessions, and we are happy and praise God for enabling us to continue Happy Hour Sessions virtually every month.

Following are the Themes/Sessions we had for our Happy Hours fellowship:

  • January - Financial Management
  • February - Fitness & Nutrition
  • March - Spiritual Health
  • April - Prudence - (Online)
  • May - Grace of God - (Online)
  • June - Crisis and Possibilities - (Online)
  • July - Triumphant Shout - (Online)
  • August - Renewed Strength - (Online)
  • September - Back to God for Guidance - (Online)

We specially thank all the Key Note Speakers for enabling us to conduct meaningful Sessions.

We also celebrated the completion of One Year of CFE over an online live fellowship led by our Presbyter on the 15th of August, 2020. On 'Care for the Elderly Sunday', in remembrance of God's Grace on the CFE members, we are arranging to gift an umbrella to each CFE member.

Care Home for St. Andrew's has been one of our other initiatives. We have been praying about it and are looking for options and feasible approach to make it a reality soon.

Revival of Elim Chorus is a new initiative by the CFE members with the purpose of bringing back the joy of singing Elim choruses together as families and praising our Lord God Jesus Christ. Members of CFE sang the chorus 'Hakki Maradhalli' and it was played during the Worship Service on the 'Care for the Elderly Sunday'

Our CFE WhatsApp Group has been another forum where members exchange their likes, recommendations, and interesting topics without any reservations. It has been very active and an entertaining Forum for the members.

For our members who have gone to be with the Lord, we pay our humble tributes.

To continue be a success, we need your participation and suggestions. We also seek your prayer support as we take up the initiatives for the benefit of the elderly of our congregation.

At a time when we can't join together for worship, our regular "Care for the Elderly Fellowship Monthly Happy Hours" and church activities, some of us have found it really special in our present circumstances to read Psalm 121 and say The Lord's Prayer every morning. Doing this has helped us to give a sense of connectedness with each other, and reassurance that we are not on our own....

Meanwhile, CFE Team was instrumental in initiating Virtual and Online Sessions which is shared on our YouTube channel. We had Mrs. Sharon, CEO of Guardian Bank for our March Happy Hours and the topic was "Prudence". For our April Happy Hours Session we had Rev. Vasudevan who enlightened us on the theme "His Grace is Sufficient" We were blessed to have Rev Dr. Allan Palanna who brought a different outlook during the lockdown extension on the topic "Pandemic : Crisis and Opportunities".

We had the privilege of having Dr. Catherine Ferrell (Pediatric Intensivist at CHU Ste-Justine) from Montreal, Canada to do a Live online informative Session on Covid 19 which was very informative and encouraging. The online session planned for 1 hour was extended close to 2 hours with active participation of our members and Dr. Cathy clarified all the Questions and Doubts from the participants.

We were overwhelmed by the short video series from our members who shared their hobbies and culinary skills and how they kept themselves busy during the lockdown.

We thank and praise our Lord Jesus Christ for this wonderful opportunity to serve the care for the Elderly fellowship even during this lockdown period and bring smiles and good news to the participants

Mr David Soans
Convenor - Care for the Elderly (CFE)


Dear Elders, Brother and Sisters, Youths and Children, Greetings to you all in the blessed name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It's my privilege as Convener of Mission and Evangelism Committee to bring before you an update of what's been happening at our Mission Field at Tubegere during the last year.

August being our Mission and Evangelism Month, this year we celebrated on the theme "Mission and Reconciliation".

The journey so far:
It began in the month of June 2005, when M&E Committee met for the first time under the leadership of Rev. M.B. Kotian:

  • To encourage and motivate the congregation to involve and participate in Mission and Evangelism activities.To identify a needy place near Bangalore to initiate Evangelistic Work.
  • To associate with a Missionary Organization and support a Missionary through them.
  • To raise the required funds from the congregation to meet the needs of the ministry.
  • To select a suitable person and train him / her to work as Missionary

Thanks to our elders for their hard work and foresight, we have a worshiping congregation at Tubegere village.Worship Services at Tubegere started in the Month of June, 2006. The Services was conducted by Mr. Sampath Naik our Missionary every Sunday morning in a rented building. It began with five people and grew up to 20 to 25 people worshiping on Sundays in this building.

As the congregation grew in numbers, with the Grace of God, we were able to move into a new building in the year 2009 which could accommodate about 80 to 100 people and we are still worshiping the in the same building.

During this time of Corona Pandemic and Lockdowns, we were able to provide groceries to 53 families in the Month of April, May and June. This was of great help as most of them had lost their jobs and the farmers where not compensated.

VBS 2020, which was planned during the Month of April - May 2020, could not be held. We had also planned to celebrate Tubegere Church Day on the last Sunday 28th of June 2020; this too did not happen as the situation was not right to congregate due to the existing Pandemic. We took this opportunity to re-electrify, do some small masonry work and re-painted the church building.

The congregation at Tubegere is now led by Pastor Chandru. He has been visiting the families regularly, also visiting the sick and conducting Cottage Prayer Meetings regularly. Every Friday, Weekly Fasting and Prayer Meetings are held at our Tubegere church.

We thank our Lord for His blessing on this Outreach Ministry of our church, the guidance and support of our Presbyter and the members of the Pastorate Committee are commendable. Also, we appreciate and thank all the congregation members for their prayers and support. Let us continue to uphold this Outreach Ministry in our prayers.

All thanks and praise to our Lord.

Mr. Franklyn Edwin
Convener, Mission and Evangelism


The Monthly Bible Study has been a very regular fellowship of the Men's Fellowship. We did a 12-month Study on the 'Parables in Luke - Stories of Equality', led by our beloved Presbyter, Rev. Dr. Dexter S Maben. Pandemic did not stop us from continuing the Monthly Bible Study, but in fact, gave opportunity to families to attend the Bible Study together.

The study on Parables was completed in the Month of July.

As the next Bible Study Series, our Presbyter has started a 10-week Study on the Book of Revelation (Part-1). He will be focussing on the 'Seven Churches'. Book of Revelation, is one of the most 'masked' texts of all in the Bible. Our Presbyter leading us on this Study is a great opportunity, and the Study is open for all nd members to join. It will be held once a Month on every 2 Saturday, from 5 to 6 pm. This Study started in the Month of September, focussing on the theme, 'Understanding Apocalyptic Communities Today'. We urge all our St. Andrew's Family members not to miss this opportunity to study together the Book of Revelation.

It has been St. Andrew's tradition to care for the needy. For the past three years, St. Andrew's Community, led by the Men's Fellowship, has supported the well-being of the HIV infected/affected children in the Orphanages run by Calvary Chapel Trust, by providing clothing for Christmas. With the donations received towards this cause, we made Christmas special for these children with these priceless gifts, who would have otherwise got none.

Last year, our congregation members contributed ? 5, 22, 500/-. With this amount, we could reach out to the under privileged in these three Organizations:

  • Calvary Chapel Trust (HIV affected orphans) - 280
  • Gerizim Trust (Mentally challenged children) - 200
  • CSI Church Doddaballapur (Widows) - 31

This year too, as St. Andrew's Family, we look forward to sharing the Christmas Joy with many more under-privileged in our society.

Mr David Soans
Convener - Men's Fellowship


Dear brother and sisters in Christ,

Thank you for your support and encouragement on all the activities we have taken up as a congregation of St Andrew's Church. Enclosed is the account detail for your offertory via online bank transfer.

Kindly note you can also post a cheque in favour of "St Andrews Church" at any Bank of Baroda Branch with the account number 73790100000963 written behind it.

Once you do so, please share the transaction / cheque details via mail to Please do mention the cause towards which you are giving this offertory (list given below) the church office will prepare a receipt and send it back to you via mail. You can thereafter collect the physical receipt form the church office.

Wings and Ministries of the church


Please use the below account details.

Thanking you again for all your support!

Rev. Dr. Dexter S Maben
Presbyter-in-Charge, St. Andrew's Church

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