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  Happenings during the month of January 2020


Son of Mr. R. Franklin & Mrs. Karuna
on January 26, 2020


Karuna Sharma

on January 26, 2020


Ms. Rachel Monica

Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jayaprakash. N

Mr. Ramston Edwin Rodrigues

Son of Mr. & Mrs. Marcel Raymond Rodrigues
on January 4, 2020

Mr. Jacob Anuroop Yadiki and Family

Ms. Karuna Sharma


Mr. Joseph Livingstone Rajeeva

(aged 76 years)
Husband of Mrs. Hanna S Rajeeva,
Father of Mr. Bryan Jawahar Rajeeva
Slept in the Lord on January 29, 2020

CARE Groups - A Proposal

The main aim or goal of the Care Group would be 'Growing and Working Together'. This should involve Caring, Acknowledging, Renewing, and Empowering (CARE).

The Biblical World and Biblical Texts essentially revolve around 'Groups' based on family, social identity and spiritual identity. Spiritual formation, ministry and nurturing, needs more than a 'Sunday Morning Assembly' approach as individuals and families, and must happen in groups.

Understanding "Groups" is an approach in Social Sciences, which believes that individuals are to some extent interdependent and share a common identity to 'Care' for each other, where each one is 'Acknowledged' and thereby 'Renewed', and being 'Renewed' is a sign of 'Empowerment'. In other words, we can grow together effectively when we meet in smaller groups, and work together towards a goal.

What we require today is not simply a 'spiritual' understanding of the Church, but a 'social' understanding as well. By Social understanding we mean the way people relate to each other and derive their identity and belonging.

This has Challenges! The 3G Challenges we face at St. Andrew's are:

- Growth: Membership, Transfers, New Disciples, Migration, Marriage…

- Geography: The distance in the city of Bangalore and challenge to connect

- Grouping: People from diverse cultural, social and denominational groups are members and are becoming members to worship with us. Providing spaces for interaction is very important for growth.

But there are Opportunities …

They are:

- To meet people where there are, at 'homes'

- To meet in "Small Groups" and in homes depending on geographical distance (with the same idea of Areas that we have now).

- To enrich Fellowship and develop Friendships.

- To Study the Bible deeply, regularly and systematically.

- Prayer and Prayer Networking.

- To Care and Support the Sick, the Elderly, and the Bereaved.

- To take care of Counseling needs.

- To discover common interests and develop opportunities for people with diverse interests and enable to meet in smaller groups - Think of Acts 2:42-47

- To enable networking with other Ministries of the Church, like Elderly Care, Marital Counselling…

Foundational Text for our guidance: I Corinthians 3: 5 - 9

The Apostle Paul provides us the key in presenting us with several ideas and one of them is "Growth" in the early Christian Community at Corinth.

In Ch. 3: 5 - 6, he emphasizes that it is God who 'gives the growth', although each one is assigned different roles and responsibilities (v.5). We need each other.

He illustrates through the metaphors of Servant, Field, and Building, the Goal is that we "Work Together" (v.9).

Paul emphasizes that…

"We can grow together, when we work together." "We can work together, when we grow together."

Growing together and Working Together in Groups: Biblical Models The Bible is filled with models that highlight God's intervention and direction to grow in groups.

1. Jethro Model -Exodus 18:13-27

The Jethro Model is a model that illustrates that we need people to grow and work together. It indicates that people can grow better in small groups.

Jethro was able to convince Moses that it is difficult to carry out the task alone and one will 'wear oneself out' (Exodus 18:18), and that care can be provided only in small groups.

Social interaction and the Social responsibility can be developed effectively in a group with effective local leadership who are empowered. People need attention and care, and this can happen when we can connect as smaller groups.

2. The Jesus Model(Mark 3:13-14; Matthew 28:18-20)

The Jesus Model was a "Care Group Model"

It is a model of discipleship, where 12 of them were taught by Jesus to Care for each other, acknowledge each other, be renewed and were gradually empowered to share the Good News to the whole world.

Agroup of 12 met, grew together, and worked together. Jesus invested in a small group, that later yielded rich dividends to reach set goals.

With the above reflection in mind, here is the the Proposal:

- It is time to shift the emphasis from 'Area Leaders' to 'CARE Groups.' The shift in emphasis is to focus on the needs of the people.

- The Leaders will therefore have greater and effective roles.

- Area Leaders can now be called 'CARE Group Leaders'

- A systematic way of growing and working together all through the year and in all seasons

The Proposal was presented at the Area Leaders Meeting held on the 15th of January 2020, and the same was accepted. This was presented to the Pastorate Committee at its meeting on the 17th of January 2020, and was approved.

This is now presented to you for your response, feedback and more ideas. Please get back to us by the end of March.

Your Presbyter
Rev. Dr. Dexter S. Maben

St. Andrew's School, Siddapura

Best Student Award for the year 2019 - 20
by the Karnataka Aided School Association, Bengalore South

Ms. Sudha S, joined our School for Nursery in the year 2011-12, and is in the 7th Standard now. Coming from a poor family background, she always stands first in all monthly tests and exams, and actively participates in cultural and extra curricular activities. She also has good leadership skills. Both her older brothers who have been students of our School have received this award too. Sudha has received this award among 30 students in the South Range. We Congratulate her, the teachers and the headmistress for their effort and encouragement.

Confirmation Service
- Sunday, January 5th, 2020

The first Sunday in our church this year began with the Confirmation Service. Our Bishop, Rt. Rev. Dr. Prasanna Kumar Samuel, confirmed 13 candidates (6 girls and 7 boys). The Bishop met the candidates before the Worship Service and addressed them on the significance of Confirmation, and posted questions on topics that the candidates have been learning through the classes conducted by our Presbyter, Rev. Dr. Dexter S. Maben. The classes had started in August, 2019. The students also worked on various projects which was overseen by senior members, and were presented to the congregation. The Bishop's sermon on this special Sunday was based on the theme 'Promise of being a disciple' chosen from 2 Chronicles 20: 10 - 20. The confirmed candidates were blessed by the Bishop and were welcomed into the congregation. The solemn Breaking of the Bread part of the Worship Service followed. The confirmants came to the Alter along with their families for their first communion. They walked down the center aisle as the Organ Postlude was played, and stood at the entrance of the church, where the congregation members and their families wished them on their new spiritual journey.

Republic Day Flag Hoisting
26th January 2020

The 71st Republic Day Flag Hoisting was special this year, as it was on a Sunday! The National Tri-colour was hoisted just after the Kannada Worship Service and before the English Worship Service could begin. Congregation members who have served or presently serving in the Defense Services were invited to come forward along with the police personnel who were stationed inside the church on that day. The Chief Guest was Major Sooraj, a multifaceted gentleman with accolades in Academics, Sports and Arts. He has served in counter-terrorist operations in Jammu and Kashmir and in the Siachen Glacier for 50 days. Major Sooraj hoisted the National Flag and the National Anthem was sung by all the members and children gathered in front of the Flag Post. Sweets were distributed after the Flag Hoisting.

This set the tone for the English Worship Service. The preacher was our own Presbyter, Rev. Dr. Dexter S. Maben, whose message was based on the Preamble of our Constitution - Justice, Liberty, and Equality to all citizens, and promote Fraternity to maintain Unity and Integrity of our Nation.

The Congregation sang the Hymn 'Abide with me' specially chosen for that day as the Closing Hymn, followed by the National Anthem in full gusto accompanied on our Pipe Organ by Mr. Andrew Bhagyanathan.

Republic Day Concert

The 71st Republic Day Celebrations witnessed an enthralling evening of Patriotic Songs and music in Kannada, Tulu, Hindi and English, at our church during the Evening Worship Service.

With the able support of our Presbyter Rev. Dr. Dexter Maben, and our Choir Director Mr. Andrew Bhagyanathan, the Guest Choirs from CSI Electronics City Church, CSI Hindustani Church, along with our own Church Choir, Stuthi@Andrew's with the newly stared Young Stuthi Children in their maiden Public Performance, and St. Andrew's Chamber Orchestra, performed for the evening.

The Concert started with St. Andrew's Church Orchestra with the Choir and the Congregation singing the Patriotic Songs, 'We shall overcome' and 'Saare Jahaan se Achcha', in various languages. The Guest Choirs, our own Church Choir and Stuthi@standrew's, did their part in rendering their numbers with fervour and excellence.

Our Presbyter Rev. Dr. Dexter S. Maben gave a very inspiring message from the text, I Peter 2: 13 - 17.

Mr. Andrew Bhagyanathan delivered the vote of thanks.

The Closing Hymn "Abide with me" was specially sung on this occasion. After the Closing Prayer and Benediction, the National Anthem was played on the Pipe Organ by Mr. Andrew Bhagyanathan, with all of us joining in reverently.

May our Lord continue to use our voices to glorify and honour Him!

Report – Sunday School

According to the Word of God, all of life is a Stewardship - a stewardship of our time, talents, treasures and God's truth. There are so many stewards who silently work for our Sunday School. We are so blessed to have a wonderful Pastorate Committee led by our Pastor, our teachers and volunteers who continually strive to do something special for the kids, our children who take great responsibility and our congregation who support us in all our visions. th After a short break, Sunday School reopened on January 12 , 2020. Children, teachers and volunteers participated in the regular activities of our Sunday School.

In addition to our regular activities, by God's grace, we were able to organize Pep Talks for our teens. These are interactive sessions loved by our children, which was started last year. It touches on 2 important aspects related to our speaker:

i. His/her personal walk with Christ
ii. Career counselling in detail in his/ her field of expertise.

We are so thankful to Mr. Maxwell Sumithra, a Marine Engineer, for accepting our invitation and sharing his testimony, and encouraging our children by taking away many myths related to travelling on ships, and explaining in detail every challenge, and how to overcome it. Children thoroughly enjoyed all the tales he shared about nature's beauty, pirates, icebergs, routines in the ship, the joy of showing God's love through rescue missions and various other interesting events.

We are so grateful to the directors of Stuthi@Andrews for starting Chinara Stuthi, which encourages our Sunday School children to praise God along with Stuthi@Andrews. Those interested are requested to please reach out to us.

We are thankful to the Youth Team for having a session with our young adults in helping them integrate with the youth gradually.

We have built a framework under the guidance of Mrs. Rani Reginald for kids with special needs. Parents are welcome to approach us irrespective of the need of their child.

VBS is planned in the month of April. The date and time will be decided in due course. Kindly pray for this big event, for an able Director, for committed teachers and volunteers, for all the training sessions, books and other materials needed to reach on time, for organizing food, funds/sponsors. Those interested in teaching, kindly give your names to the Sunday School Superintendent.

We have observed a lot of children missing out on this wonderful walk with Christ. We urge parents to diligently send their children to Sunday School as Jesus said in Mathew 19:14 – 'Let the children come to me …. '.

We also welcome members who are willing to help us in this mission for Christ.

Young Couples Fellowship
Sunday, January 26th 2020

The first meeting of the Young Couples Fellowship (YCF) was held on Sunday, January 26, 2020 after the Republic Day English Worship Service, in the Stewart Wright Hall. It was attended by 8 couples, and the Fellowship Session was conducted by experienced facilitators and councillors, led by our Presbyter Rev. Dr. Dexter S. Maben.

The Youth Fellowship led the Praise and Worship, and an Ice-breaker game was conducted by the facilitators, and Mrs. Anupama Caroline and Mr. Winfred Joshua. This was followed an address by Mr. Biju K. Thomas and Mrs. Sheeba Thomas about the importance of the Church, the Word of God, and Marriage, and how the Young Couples Fellowship will play a role by supporting the young couples. Thereafter, Rev. Samuel Sujay Kumar and Mrs. Mary Kumuda Sujay did a role-play on Mary and Joseph.

An open discussion was led by Rev. Dr. Dexter S. Maben and activities were planned as follows:

- YCF will meet for Fellowship once a month;
- The next meeting would be on the 9th of February, and thereafter will be on the1st Sunday of every month;
- Timings would be from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm;
- Bible Study based on Home Builder Series; Building your Marriage.

Each member picked up a book-mark, which was designed especially for this Session. The afternoon concluded with Fellowship Lunch.

We request the congregation to specially keep this Fellowship in your prayers.

Wings of the Church and their Activities

Sunday School

During Kannada & English Worship Services, except the 1st Sunday of the Month

Youth Fellowship

Every Sunday after the English Worship Service
Every 2nd Sunday, conducts Evening Worship Service
Every Saturday, Praise & Worship Practice

Young Couple's

9th February 2020, after the English Worship Service
Thereafter from the month of March, 1st Sunday of every Month

Women's Fellowship

Every 1st Sunday - Breakfast Sale
1st Saturday of every Month - Bible Study
3rd Saturday of every month - House Visits & Craft Classes (Alternate)

Men's Fellowship

Every 2nd Saturday of the Month, at 5 PM

Care For the Elderly

Every 1st Thursday of the Month, at 10.30 AM

Music Ministry

Choir Practice, every Friday at 6.30 PM
Stuthi@Andrew's Practice, every Saturday at 6.30 PM
SAME Practice, every Tuesday at 6.30 PM, and every Saturday at 9.30 AM
Voice Training Classes, every Saturday starting at 3 PM

Care Groups
(Area Leaders)

Database Review Meeting on Saturday, February 8th at 9:00 AM (breakfast meeting)

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