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  Happenings during the month of November 2018

Mr. Lionel Archibald Watsa (aged 78 years)
Husband of Mrs. Shanthi Watsa
Father of Mr. Arvind Watsa, Mr. Erol
Shailesh Watsa and Suman Maben
Passed away on 26th November 2018

We Welcome

Mr. E. V. Paul & Family

St. Andrew's Day, 2018 A Brief Report

St. Andrew's Day this year was celebrated on Sunday, the 25th of November 2018. We specially thank our Heavenly Father for the wonderful way He has guided us through the year, and for His providence. Various events were planned through the Month of November. The focus this year was to involve Children, Women, and the Senior Citizens in various activities.

Two Special Activities were conducted for the first time:

  • 'Crafty hands': Ladies of our congregation participated in a competition, where creative handicrafts were made on the spot and were exhibited. The winners were awarded prizes on St. Andrew's day
  • A special event called 'Senior Citizen's Fiesta' was organised for the Senior members, and this was a memorable event. They shared their experiences, their talents and skills, and gave testimony how the Lord guided and protected them through times of crises and difficult periods. A child, a teenager, a youth and an adult, came up and spoke in appreciation of their grandparents and elders, and the role they played in their lives, the advice and the guidance they received, and the impact they have had in moulding them. A time of fellowship, singing, fun, and games, followed which cheered them up, and the evening culminated with fellowship over a sumptuous dinner.

The next day was St. Andrew's Day, and it started with the beautiful Worship Service and the celebration of the Eucharist. The Guest Preacher on this special occasion was Rev. Dr. Chilkuri Vasantha Rao, the Principal of the United Theological College. He delivered a very inspiring Sermon based on Psalm 84. The Church Choir, Stuthi@Andrews, Children from St. Andrew's School, St. Andrew's School of Music Orchestra along with the Voice Training Students and members of St. Andrew's Men's Ensemble, rendered special musical numbers, which were much appreciated.

Following our tradition, our members who attained 70 years of age during the past year, were honoured. Eleven meritorious students were awarded a token of appreciation and a certificate. The recently retired Headmistress of our School at Siddapura, Mrs. Indira Bhai, was also honoured for her 35 years of dedicated service.

After the Worship Service, our Sunday School children went around with their hand-made bookmarks and each family picked up one. The child who made the book-mark and the family who picked it up would share a special bond the family, the child and the child's family would regularly pray for each other. A beautiful bond indeed!

The day came to an end with a wonderful fellowship over a very delicious and a sumptuous Lunch served for all present.

We go forward thanking God and confident that 'His hand will continue to guide us from age to age'

Meritorious Students who were awarded on St. Andrew's Day

  Name of the Student   Category Marks Secured / Percentage
Gladson S X Std (State Board) 84.64%
Andrew Joshua Panchikal X Std (ICSE) 92%
Karen Danita Isaac X Std (ICSE) 87.17%
Apoorva Rachel Walters X Std (ICSE) 94.16%
Hubert Vinil Maben X Std (ICSE) 83%
Eva Johanna Femigson X Std (ICSE) 82%
Ruth Gladstone 12th Std 82%
Alex William Noronha II PUC 82.20%
R. Rohan Degree Courses 89.17%
  -   5:00 PM Sunday School Christmas Women's Fellowship Christmas Celebrations
Sharon Lisa Salins Degree Courses 82.94%
Afreed. F (St. Andrew's School) 7th Standard A+

Below are the names of members who attained 70 years of age during the past year. Twelve members who were present were honoured.

1. Miss Emelia Diana Prince 11. Mrs. Wilhelmina Martin Peter
2. Miss Geetha Vani Devadasen 12. Mrs. Susheelama Luke
3. Mr. Gunakar Soans 13. Mr. Jonathan Solomon
4. Mrs. Irija Furtado 14. Mr. Evans Walter Bangera
5. Mrs. Iris Marina Rai 15. Mr. John Melchizedek Rajakumar Raju
6. Mr. Joseph Prem Kumar 16. Mr. M. K. Pani
7. Mr. P. Jayakiran 17. Mrs. Joyce Wilson
8. Mr. Prakash Bhaskar Hannikeri 18. Mrs. S. Uma Masilamani
9. Mr. Richard Dass 19. Mrs. Salome Solomon
10. Mrs. Sudha Shashikala Kunder 20. Mr. Vijaya Anantha Murthy
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