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  Happenings during the month of JUNE 2018

Mr. Vijaya Ratnakar (aged 83 yrs)
Husband of Mrs. Mercy Shakuntala
Passed away on 7th June, 2018


Sherwin Deva Sandesh
S/o Mr. & Mrs. Rajaneesh


Rebecca Priyanka
D/o Mr. & Mrs. E. Manohar on 15th June, 2018


Isaiah Emmanuel Sumitra
Son of
Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Immanuel Sumitra
on Sunday, 24th June, 2018

The month that was.

A Brief Note on our Church Landscaping and Gardening Project

My passion for gardening drove me to take up the Landscaping and Gardening Project of our church, which commenced during the month of August, 2017. Initially, it was a big challenge for us to execute this project as the condition of the soil was poor and the surface uneven, there were torrential rains and uprooted trees, fungal and pest infestation, construction rubble, and in getting the required manpower. Finally, as the weather cleared, our project took off with just 2 gardeners working relentlessly for 5 months, and we managed to complete the project just before Christmas last year. Today, it stands as a testament to all the hard work that went into making our Church Garden and the Landscaping, a beautiful one!

We have also created a Nursery, which houses beautiful plants. We sell Ornamental and Flowering Plants, Herbs and Vegetable Plants, and Saplings. The pricing is very reasonable. Garden Equipment, Wooden Frames, Vertical Garden Concepts, Terrariums, Bottle Garden etc., are also on sale. A part of the sale-proceeds go towards maintaining the garden. We will be creating a Vegetable Garden in our next phase with the help of a Greenhouse, which will be coming up soon.

We are very grateful to our Presbyter and the members of our Pastorate Committee, who graciously approved this Project and are giving us all the support and encouragement we need. The members of our congregation and the visitors are also very appreciative, which is a great source of motivation for us, especially to our gardeners.

Do visit us and get encouraged to beauty your own homes and gardens!

Dalfred Paul

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