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  Care for the Elderly

Care for the Elderly

We thank God Almighty and our Lord Jesus Christ for giving us the time to Praise and Worship Him.

The Care for the Elderly had organized this month's program on Saturday, 19th November 2022, for our Elders at Rev. Stewart Wright's Hall. The speaker was Dr. Dominic Benjamin, who addressed the gathering with an inspiring message on the topic, 'Loneliness'.

The program started with the Youth and Elders leading us in Praise and Worship with three beautiful Hymns.

Dr. Dominic Benjamin addressed the gathering on Loneliness, its cause and effect, and the reasons not to feel lonely. Most individuals go through loneliness and we have our GOD who is the rock to help us through these storms. Dr. Benjamin gave us other suggestions on staying together and spoke of countries where loneliness is taken very seriously as a topic to look into. He addressed the elders on living in love with one another and creating a community that cares for one another. GOD's blessing is everywhere, we must live in it.

This was followed by a Fellowship Lunch.

In conclusion, we would like to thank all who came together in helping us organize this program, and all who were present.

Mr. Praveen Oscar Shiri

Honouring Elders who have attained 70 Years

On the occasion of St. Andrew's Day, we recognize the service of members who have attained the age of Seventy Years this year, and thank God for all that they mean to us. On November 27, 2022 during the Worship Service we honoured them with a shawl by our Presbyter, Rev. Dr. Dexter S. Maben.

Following are the names of congregation members who have attained the age of 70 years this year:

We remember the service rendered with gratitude to God and pray that God may continue to lead them.

1. Mrs. Soorya Richardson

2. Mrs. Jessie A. L. A. Bangara

3. Mrs. Vimala Christabel Paul

4. Mrs. Roxana Blossom

5. Mrs. Dorothy Jayaraju

6. Mrs. Eva Sujyothi John

7. Mrs. Krupavati Sadamal

8. Mrs. Nargis Elizabeth Peters

9. Mrs. Sowmya Latha

10. Mrs. Kantha Pallat

11. Mrs. Jacintha

12. Mrs. Amy Solomon

13. Mrs. Grace Mohan Raj

14. Mrs. Caroline Suhasini Kotian

15. Mrs. Jalasa R. Raju

16. Mrs. Mary Ebenezer Poorna Kumari

17. Mrs. Esther Navamani

18. Mrs. Jane Anchan

19. Mrs. Freedalet C. Kumar

20. Mrs. Anna Leelavathi

21. Dr. (Mrs.) Joyce Sunder

22. Mrs. Elizabeth Jaichand

23. Mrs. Shirley Madhukar

24. Mr. James W. Anchan

25. Mr. Samson Isaac

26. Mr. Godwin Kaunds

27. Mr. Arthur Dilip

28. Rev. Alwin J. Maben

29. Mr. M. Jeeva Peter

30. Mr. Franklyn James

31. Rev. I. John Wesley Ambler

32. Mr. Vinod Mohan Halli

33. Mr. S. A. Dev Paul

34. Mr. S. Jayakaran

35. Mr. James W Bangera

36. Mr. Amulya Kumar Chinnappa

37. Mr. Solomon S. C

38. Mr. Andrew Steven Jaichand

39. Mr. Sathi Athishtam

40. Mr. Mega Parthasarathy

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