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School Sub Committee:
Retreat for the Sunday School Teachers organized
Sunday school Children were taken out for a day’s retreat with the children of our School
Students Sunday observed
Programmes on talents contest organized well in advance for the children, culminating in the price distribution on Harvest day
Christmas special programmers for the children organized.
A suitable Syllabus has been adopted for the Sunday School
Register for the attendance being maintained.
Birthdays for the children are reckoned and announced in the Sunday School assembly and congratulated.
Women Fellowship:
Retreat for the women fellowship members
Visiting sick and old people
Conducting Bible Study
Women’s Sunday to be observed on the 8th of September
Worship & Resource Development committee:
Praise & Worship are tremendously strengthened both in English & Kannada worship services.
Sunday School children to form a choir of their own and they are being with participation in the regular worship services for singing, during combined service
Vistors’ book being maintained as has been traditional
Family Register in the Office to be updated, with the current and correct address for communication with appropriate data base of the members.
Workshop organized for all the sub-committees during the St. Andrew’s day celebration.
Mission & Evangelism:
Involvement other wings like women fellowship, youth in Mission activities
Data of the worshipping families in Tubagare to be compiled. Mr. Lincoln, Mr. Rupert Samuel, Mr. Paul Abraham and Mr. Franklyn Edwin have volunteered to do the same.
Prayer cell to continue as it is and it should cover all the other requirements of the congregation also.
Month of September to be observed as the Month of Mission & Evangelism. Mission & Evangelism sub committee will finalize the programme in advance in consultation with the Presbyter
A suitable worship place has been identified and arranged for our use on rent only to begin with.
Environmental (Garden) sub- Committee:
The garden in the church premises has been cleared of weeds, treated and fed with proper red soil and manure for planting new shrubs and flowering plants, with a proper landscaping. Professional advice from horticulturists sought whenever needed
To create an awareness among the congregation members about this activity of maintaining the garden and environment. Suitable programmes are being organized, with the involvement of different age groups, under the guidance and leadership of expert Resource persons in the field.
A book “FLORA OF THE CHURCH’ has been released with names and details of the TREES around the church campus. Copies can be had from our church for those interested in the natural environment around our Church.
Property committee:
The renovation work on the second school building in Siddapura as given in the report has been completed, taking care of all the needs, raising the floor level to avoid rain water entry
Sump has been provided at the ground floor and the syntax water tank has been shifted to the first floor and suitable toilet facilities are established at the school premises in Siddapura.
The project work on the renovation of the old school building Has been taken up with the support and contribution of church members and well wishers and a new two storeyed building has sprung up in the same place replacing the old one existed as the first one from the days of Rev. S.A. Salins, the Founder of the Socio Economic activity since its inception.
Taken up the work of Renovating the roof of the CSI Channapattana Ashram, an ‘old age home’ on their request and the work is in progress as a charity and mission work of St.Andrew’s Church.
Choir Committee:
The evening Worship service in our church once in a month has been devoted to musical evening worship with the participation from leading Choirs in and around Bangalore, Chennai.
It has become a regular feature of worship services in our Church thanks to the involvement, efforts and participation of our Church Choir.
STHUTHI, a Kannada Singing sensation of gospel music has been started and the singing group has been giving special numbers every first Sunday of the month in our Worship Service
Added to the above, STHUTHI singers have released a CD entitled, ‘PARISHUDDHA DEVA’ and has been relayed in New Hope TV channel.
Future programmes on the anvil:
More and more concerts both in English & Kannada in the days to come are being planned to be organized
Being planned to augment the Pipe organ with a few more pipes to match in volume the growing congregation and their singing output during the worship services. Monumental treasure of the Church, the 130 years old pipe organ is to be maintained, updated to serve the present day demands and needs of the worshipping community in St. Andrews at any cost to preserve its grandeur to posterity for ever.
New Projects Committee:
The data base of our members vis-à-vis the Church register at the earliest with a proper inventory for the church has been put in place with the help of the devoted and talented PC members.
Progress of maintenance work and the new projects on the anvil:
To provide adequate lighting in the church premises
Regular maintenance of the Tower clock
To provide a suitable wooden bay at the entrance of the church to accommodate the console required for keeping the audio-video presentation requirements of the church.
brazilian virgin hair uk Recently the Church Public Address system has been revamped to suit the increasing needs of our worship services
Old Age Home, instead of leaving it unused, is to be made use of for our regular activities of the Sunday school, youth and other programmes as and when needed.
Refurbishing the room adjacent to the Committee room is to be done to provide a suitable place for mothers and toddlers for taking care of their kids, during the worship time.
Suitable project work is to be conceived for renovating the parish Hall. This could be done on the lines of the draft once we obtained from the Diocese Architect or on our own as the case may be.
Church News letter: Further revamping of the Church bulletin is under consideration and the details are being worked by the members of the Editorial Committee.
To pursue and complete the ongoing court cases of our church
Identified and appointed suitable security through authorized Agencies for providing safety and security in the church premises.
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